Ever wondered why cyber crimes are increasing drastically? Moreover, why is it becoming increasingly difficult to track the culprits/hackers?

There have also been discussions on whether law enforcements will be helpful in getting our cyber platforms safer. Unfortunately hackers are so smart that they make the crime look like they have come from another source! Definitely a huge amount of talent goes into the process of hacking even after levels of scans and securities, but recently many exerts voiced their opinions with mixed reviews on finding solutions to these problems.

Stewart Baker, of the law firm Steptoe & Johnson, stated that he believes that the human mistakes that make it impossible to completely secure a network, are the same mistakes that will eventually compromise the cybercriminals behind these acts. On the opposing side, Gary McGraw, CTO at Cigital, believes that “If you’re a nation-state-level attacker and want an adversary to believe that another nation state is doing it, there is nothing that can stop that.”

It is tough to understand the space of thought which the attackers/hackers come from, and committ the crime. But, one thing is for sure that these security breaches happen on both open as well as secure platforms.

Quite a lot of security bearches have not been handled properly, and this could also be the reason for increase in the number of hackers from last year to this year. Security researches constantly find bugs in the apps, which in future can result into security threats. Procrastination of the firm in release of patches and informing the public has also brought questionnable responses.

App security is a must and is the most crucial subject to be addressed from techonology point of view and when companies like Google have shown passive reluctance, there needs to be a solution to it. Prevention is anyday better than curative solutions!