I’m sure everyone knows the opportunity SD cards provide for inexpensive storage space which can easily be plugged into your Smartphones, PCs or any digital device which facilitates a SD card slot. SD cards come in global standard sizes and hence are compatible with most devices. It’s ease of use and economical price points makes it the perfect solution for storing large amounts of data. Whether it’s shooting high resolution pictures and videos, listening to huge amounts of music or even just storing personal or professional data, the SD card makes life a little easier for us.

Do Not Store Sensitive Information in SD Card

Some of the many benefits of using a SD card are:
  • The Non-volatile memory which keeps data stable on the card. Data on them are not threatened by loss of power source, and need not to be periodically refreshed.
  • They require less amount of power.
  • They are highly portable and compatible making them easily used in number of small, lightweight and low-power devices. And much more.

Different users have different types of data that they prefer to store. As easily accessible as it is for the user to access, so is it for an unethical person with ill intentions.

Some of the ways in which a third party user can access information in the SD card are:

1. When you lose your phone- Finder can either remove data card or just use a data cable.
2. If your data card is stolen from your phone- We all know how easy this is to obtain without the owner even being aware.
3. Third Party Applications- Apps can read everything that is stored in the SD card.

I think we all know how damaging it can get for an individual or a business if sensitive information lands in the wrong hands. We’ve seen many instances in the past of cyber bullying, blackmail, etc. with the use of sensitive data.

There is no real magical solution to this possible threatening situation; however the most basic of advice would be:

1) To the consumer- Try not to lose your phone or better still do not store sensitive data in your SD card or phones.
2) To the Developer/Business- Always encrypt data that is being stored on the SD card and try to never store sensitive information from the users in the SD card.

A lot of things that brings us convenience could also be the cause of great grief. A moral lesson to learn from this post is to be aware, learn and act pro-actively towards cyber security because like the wise man once said, prevention is better than cure.