Appknox | Mobile App Security, Resources, Best Practices & News Barack-Obama Barack Obama Announces "National Emergency" for Cyber Security Security   The Government of USA has been under a lot of stress amidst the recent attacks by hackers, especially from China. In a recent announcement, an executive order signed by President Barack Obama gives the United States government the go-ahead to sanction suspected cyber-criminals with financial and travel restrictions.

Barack Obama has declared a “national emergency” and accordingly authorized the US Treasury Department to sanction suspected hackers operating abroad in an effort to discourage future cyber-assaults.

Recently, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Target and many others have been victims to major cyber attacks and this looks like a major effort to amplify the government’s ability to go after hackers and deter future online assaults that may otherwise have crippling effects.

Here’s a copy of the official document:

“This executive order supports the administration’s broader strategy by adding a new authority to combat the most serious malicious cyber-threats that we face,” the president said in a statement.